What We Do
Since 1988, Daniels Consulting Group has enabled clients to transform their businesses and organizations into change-sensitive, adaptive and flexible systems that continuously improve as they quickly move towards opportunities. The foundation for our approach to organizational change and improvement is based in the same fundamental principles that govern all Living Systems, such as a lake, a forest or a human being. Living Systems adapt, grow and sustain life - they find a way. The goal is to transfer the skills and knowledge an organization needs to flourish and progress, even during times of crisis.
What Problem Do We Solve?
Organizations have become encumbered by old and outdated mindsets and inefficient processes that no longer provide value. People in the organization have become complacent. Strategy has become stale and execution is unpredictable. Risk-taking is discouraged and innovation is lacking. Commitment and accountability are becoming descriptors of how we "used to do business." And all of this has started to be reflected in the products and the services, and on the bottom line. Yet, most people do not recognize the need for change. Does your organization have any of the problems listed below?

Poor Product or Service Quality
Lagging Cycle and Production Times
High Rates of Customer Complaints and Defection
Lack of New Ideas, Approaches or Innovations
Increasing Cost and Competitive Pressures
Low Employee Motivation and Morale

Daniels Consulting Group provides a wide range of assessment, consulting, training and performance improvement products and services to help teams, business units and organizations survive and thrive in the face of intense competition and rapid change.