For most organizations, the critical success factor of a shift towards a six sigma culture is stimulating a seminal change in the leadership mindset of that organization. Leaders of organizations moving towards six sigma strive to move away from a focus on short-term outcomes, measuring activity, rewarding conformance to the status quo, eliminating conflict, stimulating individual effort and establishing order. This approach tends to increase fear and dependence in the organization, and lessen creativity, collaboration and customer focus.

Leaders of high-performing, six sigma organizations strive to establish the foundation for continuous learning, creative tension, systemic thinking, a long term view, mutual accountability, self responsibility and cross functional teamwork. This approach tends to increase commitment and interdependence across the organization, and lessen political infighting, stove-pipe mentalities and the hoarding of information and power.

Training Programs

Daniels Associates offers Six Sigma training and education programs for every level of the organization.

Six Sigma for Executives
A two-day program that immerses senior managers in the core methodologies of six sigma, and then provides a facilitated discussion of real-world targets that align with the strategy of the organization.

Six Sigma Tools Training
A two-day program for every member of the organization, this session provides insight into the analytical and problem-solving approaches and tools commonly used by improvement teams. The majority of these tools and templates can be put to use immediately by program participants in their day-to-day work.

Six Sigma Champion Training
A two-day program for leaders in the organization that will be guiding and directing the six sigma implementation, this session provides the strategic view of six sigma as well as an overview of the DMAIC methodology that the teams will use to change and improve processes.

The Six Sigma Leader: Driving Organizational Change
This is a five-day program with pre-work and post-work that provides the knowledge and skill-building needed by Black Belts to effectively lead improvement teams. The focus of the session is on project selection, project leadership, change management, innovation and coaching/mentoring. This is a highly experiential workshop that perfectly positions each participant to provide application and implementation leadership in their organizations.

Lean Six Sigma
A three-day workshop to learn and understand the key principles and key tools of Lean Six Sigma, including Value Stream Analysis, mistake-proofing, and implementing Kaizen events to quickly reduce waste, cycle times and inefficiencies in the system. The focus of this session is on the practical application of Lean analytical tools that provide insight into productive and profitable changes that could be made to existing processes and systems.

Black Belt/Green Belt Training
These week-long sessions provide the foundation that Black Belts and Green Belts will need as they lead projects and analyze data to understand and change processes. The Six Sigma methodology relies on data-driven decision making, so the role of the BB and GB in project success is a critical one. Participants will learn a software tool to assist them with process analysis, data review and data display.

Consulting Services

Daniels Consulting Group offers Six Sigma consulting services that enable organizations to accelerate their progress and success in planning and implementing the Six Sigma Methodology.

Six Sigma Jumpstart
This two-day workshop is focused on identifying the strategic intent and strategic goals of the organization, and to then connect these through the implementation of Six Sigma methodologies. The outcome of this workshop is a handful of specific targets, measures for these target areas and a strategic framework to use that will guide the Six Sigma implementation.

Implementation Consulting
Once strategic targets are determined, the next step is to put the plan into motion. This requires connecting and adapting several organizational systems at once, including HR Management, Organization Development, Financial Reporting, Rewards and Recognition, Governance and Communication. Creating a collaborative team in all of these areas that can fully maximize the impact of Six Sigma is a critical component of success.

Six Sigma Project Consulting
Working directly with process improvement teams, Daniels Consulting Group will provide ongoing support and guidance to the team, the sponsor, the champion and the GB or BB that is co-leading the team. This is particularly useful for the first several projects that are selected for action, as success on these projects often determines the success of the overall strategy.

Six Sigma Products

Daniels Consulting Group provides a range of off-shelf and customized products to ensure the successful implementation of a Six Sigma approach.

The Quality Handbook for Executives
This handbook provides the strategic plan for quality and Six Sigma in the organization, along with information on the internal infrastructure, specific targets and goals, metrics and measures, roles and responsibilities of senior leaders, rewards and recognition plans, governance models and reporting models. This Handbook is a crucial tool for engergizing and engaging the leadership of the organization in the Six Sigma effort.

The Quality Handbook for Employees
This handbook provides specific information regarding the strategic direction of the company, the goals and measures, the purpose of this initiative, roles and responsibilities, how to get involved and an overview of the DMAIC methodology. This is a critical education and communication tool that generates acceptance and participation in the Six Sigma initiative and also provides a large quantity of improvement ideas to consider.

Self Directed Learning Modules for Six Sigma Leaders
Daniels Consulting Group provides three key learning modules that are appropriate for any leader in the organization. The modules together are intended to build skills in strategic thinking, values-driven leadership, building relationships and coaching. These modules can be implemented as a stand-alone product or as part of a classroom training initiative. To learn more about each of these modules, click on the following links.

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