KnowaPro Learning Company Overview
KnowaPro Learning Company provides the advice, tips and instruction of well-known professionals in dozens of topics, interest areas and categories. This information is designed to be used at the point of action and "on the job", enabling the user to build skills, improve results and learn more quickly. KnowaPro Learning Company also creates customized learning modules for clients to support their major change and learning initiatives.

KnowaPro's value proposition is this: Provide the core principles and key tips of recognized experts and/or celebrity professionals so they are quick and easy to access and simple to use. People get better and better results and increase their own learning at the same time. KnowaPro provides stand-alone software, job aids, reference guides and downloadable I-Pod modules in dozens of topic areas, and more are being created each day. KnowaPro is a one stop training, learning and software information resource for anyone seeking expert, professional instruction that can be applied in real-time, at the point of action. Technology is used to improve access, ease of use and clarity of the data. Customers anxious to gain an inside track on topics they are passionate about will come to rely on the KnowaPro brand for learning needs as diverse as golf, parenting, cooking, gardening, travel. In addition, a wide variety of off-shelf or customized corporate training and education topics are available for on-the-job skill building, including coaching, facilitating meetings, creative thinking and presentation skills.

KnowaPro Learning tools are critical successes drivers for organizations that are focused on introducing and sustaining changes, new ideas and new approaches.
KnowaPro Products: Four Key Factors
1. Just-in-time information quickly accessed by user to build skills and improve results.
2. Reliable, accurate and comprehensive
3. Celebrity endorsed by a recognized expert
4. Portable and easily handled information

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