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Learning and Teaching Approach

Our approach is one of including, connecting, challenging and applying. We use adult learning principles to include everyone in the learning process. We use facilitation skills and techniques to help everyone connect to each other and to the content being studied and experienced. We provide challenging assignments to stimulate energy and high performance. And finally, we enable participants to develop a concrete and actionable plan for applying new behavior, skills and ideas in the workplace.

Below is an excerpt from an industry journal that summarizes this approach:

"what really matters in creating learning interventions is the participant's ideas, their questions and experience, and their expertise. In traditional training, we strive to have participants adopt the expert's technique or model. What we should be striving for is to have participants adapt new insights into their own frame of reference and their own experience. This opens the door to questions we don't have ready answers for, ad hoc discussion groups, participants challenging the basic assumptions related to the content and their roles in the organization, and a general divergence of thought and opinion. In short, this results in learning."

".it is by opening the door for participation and by creating an expectation that the participant will bring something meaningful through the door that an engaging learning environment is created. The facilitator's role is to act as a coach and guide, encouraging participants to decide how they want to proceed. Provide information regarding options, areas of interest, support you can offer, even your own opinions of what would be most beneficial for the group. But move forward with the group, not ahead of the group."

(Exerpt from Learning Faster, Learning Better, The Journal for Quality and Participation, June 1999)

Project Summaries

Leadership Development : Designed, developed and facilitated week-long workshops for thousands of managers in global, high-tech organizations.

Process Improvement: Facilitated hundreds of Six Sigma Jump Start, Executive Review and Work Out sessions with a wide variety of customer groups including cross-functional teams from all branches of the Armed Forces, utility companies, government agencies, police departments, school systems, Fortune 50 companies, health care systems and small businesses.

Innovation: Designed, developed and facilitated Innovation workshops with the top 300 research and development engineers of a $40 billion dollar company, leading to the development of next generation high-tech products and new business models.

Learning Design: Created a wide variety of interactive job aids, desk reference tools and learning materials to accelerate learning and retention of key ideas and concepts.

Entrepreneurship: Own and manage multiple businesses, develop and sell proprietary intellectual property, develop and market learning, training and knowledge products to both corporate and consumer markets, and assist others in envisioning and starting up new businesses.

Team Building : Designed and facilitated team development sessions for hundreds of teams with diverse interests, including high-tech sales groups, senior management teams, scientists, engineers, non-profit groups, educators and manufacturing facilities.


Dick Daniels is President of Daniels Consulting Group, a 18-year old organization development and designed learning firm located in Bartlett, Illinois . Dick works with a variety of corporations, small businesses, schools, associations and community groups interested in developing innovative strategies for learning and leadership.

Dick has held middle management and senior management positions focusing on total quality initiatives and on human resource development. He developed the training and education process for the quality initiative at a mid-sized software company, and established all HR processes and functions for another mainframe software company. For six years prior to starting his consulting firm, Dick was the owner and manager of a business communications firm, and has also worked in the areas of marketing and social services.

Dick taught both undergraduate and graduate level courses for many years in leadership, organization development and organizational behavior. More than 1000 managers have attended his week-long program on Leading for Innovation, and thousands of managers have utilized his self-directed learning modules to build skills in leadership and innovation.

Dick has also published articles in management and professional journals on leadership, learning and organization design, and has written a book that outlines his ideas and approaches for developing high performing teams and organizations. He wrote the Quality Handbook that was distributed to 400+ senior managers in a Fortune 50 company as they implemented the Six Sigma methodology. He also authored a Six Sigma handbook for employees to maximize their contribution to the implementation of Six Sigma.

Dick has instructed and facilitated hundreds of workshops on topics such as Innovation, Coaching and Creating Identity. He is Six Sigma certified and has instructed dozens of training and improvement team sessions for senior managers, directors and employees focusing on both learning and applying the Six Sigma methodology.

He continues working with businesses, health care systems, police departments, schools and Fortune 50 organizations in the development of teams and leaders, and is working with a non-profit professional development organization in an effort to improve the quality of teaching in our public schools. His clients include: Motorola, Department of Defense, Chicago Public Schools, Underwriters Labs, Cleveland Cliffs, Chicago Park District, Miller Brewing Company, and Excelon, as well as a number of community agencies, police departments, health care sytems, school boards and start-up companies.

Dick is a frequent facilitator for retreats and planning meetings for senior management teams, community groups and task forces. Other projects involve the development of CD-ROM software for leadership education and organizational communications, developing learning software for the IPOD handheld market, conducting strategy development conferences and developing school/business partnerships.

Education ~
1971 - 1975: Southern Illinois University ,
B.S. Degree, Marketing

1986 - 1988: Loyola University , M.A. Degree,
Organization Development