Green Six Sigma
Green Six Sigma
Applying Lean Six Sigma methodologies to any Green Initiative is a natural fit. The focus of building an eco-friendly, carbon neutral enterprise is on identifying, reducing and/or eliminating waste in the system. The tools of Lean Six Sigma share the same focus. Applying this methodology will result in a sustainable Green Enterprise along with a commitment to continuous improvement.
The Business Case for Green aligns well with the goals of Lean Six Sigma

The Business Case for Green
Reduce Dependence on Scarce and Expensive Resources
Reduce Operating Costs
Reduce Maintenance Costs
Enhance Brand and Image
Reduce Exposure to Liability and Penalty Fees
Extend Equipment Life
Increase Recruitment Efficiency
Create Opportunity to Sell Carbon Credits

The Goals of Lean Six Sigma
Improve Quality of all Products and Services
Eliminate all Waste in all Work Processes
Reduce Lead Time to Increase Flexibility
Reduce Total Production Costs
The Lean methods and tools target the Seven Wastes:

Producing Defects
Overproduction is the Greatest Waste of all - it encompasses the other six wastes to produce something that must be stored, maintained, updated, sold at a discount or disposed of.
The Focus of Green Six Sigma is on creating sustainable green business processes and practices, particularly in the following areas:

Reduce Solid Waste
Recycle Paper/Plastic
Reduce Energy Use
Natural Gas
Reduce Water Use
Eliminate Toxic/Hazardous Chemicals
Reduce Travel/Commuting
Reduce Packaging
Reuse and Refurbish Equipment and Materials
Daniels Consulting Group can drive performance improvement by applying Green Six Sigma methods throughout the organization. An overview of this approach is outlined below:

Strategic Alignment:
Connecting to Purpose and Vision

Using the Whole System:
Involving Everyone in the Process

Understanding the Value Stream:
Identifying and Measuring Waste in the Enterprise

Envision a Better Way:
Create "Could Be" Scenarios

Change Processes:
Implement Waste Reduction Methodologies

Change Behavior:
Provide Practical Tools for Everyday Use by the Workforce

Maintain the Gain:
Implement Governance, Reporting, and Rewards/ Recognition for Continuous Improvement
Next Steps for an Eco-Friendly Enterprise

Create and Communicate Strategy, Purpose and Direction
Build Awareness and Engagement
Learn Basic Analytical Tools
Establish and Charter Green Teams - Identify a Baseline
Develop and Test New Practices and Processes
Establish Ideal Processes and Work Practices
Monitor, Measure and Communicate Progress
Maintain the Gain through Governance Methods